Buddha Statue
Patt Sheldon

Patt is local—born in San Francisco and raised on the Peninsula. She taught
mostly middle school English and Health Education in Belmont for 35 years,
and never considered herself artistic, though her flair for color aways

Patt became a knitter, then a weaver after moving over the hill in 1999.
Experiencing two summers of heavy coastal fog, she realized she needed
“indoor sports” to combat the fog. She took a few weaving classes and
many knitting technique workshops, learned ice dyeing one afternoon, and
is self-taught in jewelry design. She creates unusual pieces and prefers
being ahead of the crowd rather than part of it. Her works are one of a

Patt visited the Czech Republic and discovered their centuries-old family-
run glass bead factories. She has returned twice to buy direct after learning

they are in jeopardy due to competition with cheap beads coming from
China. Czechia has a special place in her heart, and she loves designing
new pieces using the beautiful beads she brought home.
After hearing how her dyed fabric and weavings should be showcased, she
began creating both woven and dyed wall hangings, many of which are
now displayed at Bamboo. Woven and fabric pieces on walls soften the
hard edges of rooms.
Realizing how isolated artists can be, Patt started a group called Colony of
Coastside Artists in Feb, 2010. The group is open to any level artist living
on the coast interested in socializing, art discussions, and group projects,
and is currently 100 members strong. Prior to 2020, CoCA met monthly,
and has resumed annually sponsoring Open Studios in November, which is
available to all coastside artists.


Patt is excited to be Bamboo’s Artist in Residence from March 1 until June
1, 2022! Visitors can see her work any time the shop is open.
She can be contacted via email—pattsheldon@gmail.com or phone—


Payments can be made through Venmo’s QR code at Bamboo or using
@Patt-Sheldon and through PayPal using “friends and family” and her email
address and Bamboo takes cash and checks.