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Buddha Statue
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Macklin and Liza Connell

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share this space at Bamboo Hair and Body with my son, Macklin.  This is our first time showing our art together in one location.  My art is mixed media collages which are made from dried natural elements or mixed media on acrylic painted canvas.  Macklin’s art is oil landscape paintings.  One of the silver linings of the pandemic was the gift of time to spend on being creative.  My series of 5 flower girls was created during this time.  Something we did as a family during the pandemic was to take turns leading art projects.  One of the projects was to try to replicate a Bob Ross painting.  This started Mackey’s fascination with landscape painting.  He started with acrylic paint and moved to oils which he now prefers.  He is self taught and self motivated to create.  Now that life is back in full swing, Mackey is enjoying all the activities that 10 year old boys love to do including soccer, baseball and playing with friends. I am finding time to be creative whenever possible in between all our family activities.

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